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Red Wing Pottery and Antiques Links
Pottery Place Mall
2000 West Main Street
Local Phone: 651-388-1428
Red Wing Collectors Society Inc.
240 Harrison
Local Phone: 651-388-4004
Toll Free: 800-977-7927

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Red Wing Stoneware Company
4909 Moundview Drive
Local Phone: 651-388-4610
Toll Free: 800-352-4877
Al's Antique Mall
1314 West Main Street
Local Phone: 651-388-0572
Red Wing Pottery Sales, Inc.
1920 West Main Street
Local Phone: 651-388-3562
Antiques of Red Wing
307 Main Street
Local Phone: 651-385-5963
Enz Antiques & Gifts
625 West 5th St
Local Phone: 651-388-2650
Harry & Jewel's Victorian Antiques
1010 Hallstrom Drive
Local Phone: 651-388-5989
Hill Street Antiques
212 Hill Street
Local Phone: 651-388-0736
Antiques on Old Main
2000 West Main St., 3rd floor
Local Phone: 651-388-1371
Pottery Place Antiques
2000 West Main St., 2nd floor
Local Phone: 651-388-7765
Teahouse Antiques
703 West 4th St
Local Phone: 651-388-3669
Gary-Donald Antiques
312 West Avenue
Local Phone: 651-388-3505
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